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Workplace Thai Massage

Phenominal Therapeutic Results!

This technique has a long history of providing therapeutic relief.  If your employees are stuck in front of a computer all day, these techniques are unbeatable for opening up the neck and shoulders. Do you have some weekend warriors in your crew? Let our therapists melt away tension in overworked hips and legs. Experience the hottest trend in workplace well being: Traditional Thai Massage!

Hearing complaints of back aches? Thai Massage techniques will melt, twist and stretch out every muscle to leave the back supple and pain-free.

The set up is simple, the space required is minimal, and the results are phenomenal! Call us today to book a session for your office and experience the difference!

To please everyone in your office, bring in both a Chair Massage Therapist and a Thai Massage Therapist and you’ll have options. We have experts for both modalities at your service whenever you need us.