Meet Our Dedicated Team

Director of OperationsInstructor

Nicole Mullen, LMT

Nicole brings over 20 years of experience, from being a current Licensed Massage Therapist, to working in massage schools and associations, she has played an active role in the industry. She began her journey with LoDo Massage as the Therapist Coordinator and quickly worked her way up. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 dogs, friends and family.

Regional Sales RepresentativeInstructor

Nikki Sunshine

Nikki has had a passion for health & wellness for as long as she can remember. Growing up, her evenings and weekends were spent in the gym training as a competitive gymnast. She has been with LoDo Massage since 2017 and loves that she is able to promote happiness and relaxation through physical & mental well-being. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, exploring nature with her dog, and practicing acro-yoga.

Therapist CoordinatorInstructor

Amanda Jacoby, LMT

Amanda has been a licensed massage therapist since early 2013. She started working with LoDo as a therapist in their Denver studios as well as at chair massage events in late 2016 and joined the corporate team for LoDo Chair in early 2018. Her first-hand experience as a massage therapist and a yoga practitioner combined with her organizational skills have helped tremendously in her role as Therapist Coordinator. Outside of the massage world, Amanda's passion is providing support and resources to women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado with her husband and kids. 

Regional Sales RepresentativeInstructor

Alyson Ballow, CYT

One of Alyson's best qualities is her ability to adapt to different environments and situations, while maintaining her unique individuality. Her optimistic and playful attitude for life is based from her philosophy of living abundantly and continually lifting the quality of life. Her happiness and positive outlook is contagious and shows in any task she sets out to accomplish. Alyson has been passionately working with the LoDo Massage company since 2015. When she is not working, most of her time is spent with her family and teaching/taking yoga classes.