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  • $75/hour per massage therapist.
  • 2 hour minimum for each event.
  • Travel expenses within our service area are covered in our rates.**
  • Gratuity is also included in our rates.

* Increase on hourly rates for events occurring between 9pm & 7am.
** If your event is outside the San Diego metro area, call for a quote.

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Where Can We Bring Chair Massage in San Diego, CA?

Chair Massage Details in San Diego, California

Anywhere! Chair massage is loved by everyone from your employees to party guests to convention attendees.

On-site chair massage is the perfect wellness benefit for your company, whether you're a small PR firm in a historic building in the Gaslamp District, or a large corporation hosting a conference at the San Diego Convention Center. We have therapists stationed in La Jolla for your diligent and friendly staff in the beach tourism industry, as well as in North County where golfers with sore shoulders could always use some bodywork.  We also do work in Mission Valley, Hillcrest, and everywhere in between! 

Find out for yourself why LoDo Chair Massage consistently gets five-star ratings. To book your next on-site chair massage event or learn more about corporate wellness, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (619) 376-2052.

What We're All About

Best Chair Massage Info in San Diego, California

In 2008, LoDo Chair Massage opened for business in Denver, CO with a mission to spread the benefits of massage therapy at work. Ten years of five-star rated chair massage therapy and corporate yoga has allowed us to expand to 30 major metropolitan areas around the country. 

We know corporate wellness. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service starting with exceptional customer service from when you first reach out. We’re there with you up until the end of your corporate wellness event to make sure you and your employees are completely blissed out and rejuvenated.

In our modern day world, it’s easier than ever to connect online, but this has come at the cost of disconnecting from our bodies. Many of us often don’t notice the discomfort and stress of the long days at work setting in until we wake up with terrible back pain or get a tension headache that requires taking time off work. A proliferation of new research and countless personal testimonials show massage done right is medicine for mind and body. 

Preventative health care measures like massage therapy help reduce work stress, increase productivity, and boost office morale. What better way to show your employees you care for their well-being as well as help them be their best at work?

Meet Our Chair Massage Therapists in San Diego, CA

Our therapists are available in the San Diego, CA metro area for weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly visits. We also offer package discounts for large events, repeat customers, and referrals. Call for a chair massage at your workplace in San Diego, CA. Please reference our client list to see who we've worked with.

Chair Massage


Amy is a California Licensed Massage Therapist and member of abmp (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals). She has been trained and has a certificate in Oncology Massage. Modalities include; Circulatory, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Thai, Chair massage and Sports Massage. While raising 3 sons she became interested in fitness and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from SDSU. She enjoys running, biking, hiking, yoga and softball.

Chair Massage


Hello, it is my pleasure and honor to work with you.  I am a certified massage therapist who is dedicated to the practice and continued education of relaxation and rejuvenation.  My focus is bringing relief and awareness to one’s body through therapeutic touch. I received my primary training from the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) and am continuing my education at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM). I specialize in deep tissue, circulatory, sports and neuromuscular massage.  I work with a variety of clients from moms, executives, first responders, athletes, sports enthusiasts and anyone who benefits from relief of body and mind . I am honored to work with likeminded compassionate therapists. My goal and intention is to customize each bodywork session to provide specific attention to the primary concern of discomfort and help calm the nervous system. It is my belief that when the body is relaxed and free of pain, all aspects of wellbeing will be enhanced.  In my free time I like to remain active with family and friends.  I enjoy tennis, golf, watersports, meditation and the continued growth and understanding of humanity. 

Chair Massage


Brianne is a certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and level 3 Reiki Practitioner. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Colorado and received her Massage Therapy license from the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Los Angeles.  She is a certified Yoga Instructor from Urban Yogi in San Diego. 

Growing up as a competitive dancer, Brianne always had a passion for movement.  As a Yoga Instructor she incorporates the power of movement and breath work into her sessions.  Her Yoga practice is rooted in Vinyasa Flowwhile utilizing other styles such as Kundalini and Yin Yoga. 

In her massage practice, Brianne specializes in Circulatory/Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Shiatsu and Crystal Healing.  As a Reiki practitioner, she strives to awaken and harmonize the human energy system (Chakras). She encourages personalized Yoga and bodywork sessions centered on generating positive results.

Chair Massage


Bud has been a massage therapist for over ten years, working in clinical, spa, and chair massage settings. This San Diego native enjoys surfing, yoga, and painting. Bud's specialties are deep tissue and shiatsu massage.

Chair Massage


As a licensed massage therapist since 2010, Heather Meglasson has been dedicated to not only providing the highest level of therapeutic bodywork but also to the education of self care from the physical and energetic to the emotional and path seeking. When she is not with her wellness clients, you can find Heather singing, writing empowerment books, and engaging in a variety of other fun pursuits that involve artistry and motivating the masses. When it comes to high energized Yin and grounded healing Yang, Heather is the perfect balance of both to help you move forward with ease.

Chair Massage


Jacob has lived in Asia and Europe, and graduated from University of California, Berkeley. Following careers in public, private, and non-profit businesses, and raising his children, Jacob discovered his calling in the healing world in 2004. He is a California Certified Massage Therapist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. He received his training at the Esalen Institute, International Professional School of Bodywork, and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Jacob lives in North County San Diego with his wife.

'How may I joyfully serve you?' is Jacob's philosophy. He works on everyone, no case is too challenging, and no one denied service. His reward is in seeing his clients leave in a state of bliss, a new-found sense of healing, and improved health. Many of his clients refer to him as "Magic Hands."

Chair Massage


Jules has been a massage therapist for 10 years with extensive experience in Deep Tissue, Sports, and Swedish massage. His love of the health and wellness industry began with a passion to help people physically function at their best as a personal trainer. Through his work as a trainer he met and was worked on by massage therapists and decided to add this skill set to his repertoire. The rest, as they say, is history.

Chair Massage


Kurt was born and raised in Hawaii, joined the Navy straight out of high school and was active duty for eight years. Throughout high school he stayed active playing sports like football, track and wrestling. Wanting to continue to stay active he turned to Jiu Jitsu, bodybuilding/physique shows and currently powerlifting. When he is not in the gym training or treating he enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs and going out to eat.

Chair Massage


Greetings to all! :) I am a massage therapist that specializes in many different types of modalities that are suitable to your needs such as Swedish Massage, Structural Bodywork, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy, Sports massage, Russian Sports Massage, Cranial Sacral therapy, Acupressure, and Raindrop Therapy. My favorite massage to give is a mixture of Cranial Sacral and Raindrop Therapy. I also teach yoga so another option would be a private yoga session with me with a massage right after! I graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2015 and I have an ever growing passion for helping others. Thank you for reading and I hope all is well!

Chair Massage


Lainie has been licensed since 1991 and is a graduate of Mueller College in San Diego. What drew her to the field of massage is her life long interest in health and well being. She loves to encourage others to take care of themselves and stay healthy and stress-free.

Her background in chair massage includes medical settings, corporations, health food stores, events, and trade shows. These environments have provided opportunities to reach people from all walks of life. She has learned that what most people have in common is the desire to be healthy.

She has practiced T’ai Chi, yoga, and Chi Kung for many years and this helps her to stay balanced and centered.

Chair Massage


Michelle Rene Lamoureux has practiced Massage therapy for 28 yrs. working for Chiropractors, Scripps Hospital Center for Executive Health and Corporate Chair Massage. Her Chair massage specializes in TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Prevention, neck and shoulder release, along with Reiki and healing touch. With 7 yrs. experience in the Sprouts Vit. and supplement dept. she has a lot to offer her clients.

Chair Massage


Paloma has been a massage therapist for over 7 years. She attended massage school at Our Lady Of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA. A native of Louisiana, she moved to San Diego in 2013. Working as a massage therapist, Paloma has over 8,000 hours of massage experience. Traveling all over Southern California she has worked in various massage settings. Music Festivals, backstage at concerts, corporate events, spas, casinos and athletic events just to name a few. Paloma's specialities include chair massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, swedish, aromatherapy, sports and myofascial release. 

Chair Massage


I practice the art of massage because I love being a part of making a person's day better. There are a multitude of physical, emotional and psychological benefits we know of. What inspires me is life can be hard. For some of us it's some of the time. For others it's more so. If by laying hands on you I can help relieve your pain and make this moment great, well I think that's a pretty awesome gift to give.

My massage is a combination of multiple modalities and moves I've learned in my many years of practice. I'm able to give very deep, therapeutic, targeted massage, as well as soothing, nurturing massage. Every massage is adapted to the person and their needs.

On the personal side, I'm long time holistic enthusiast. I've sought out naturopathic remedies, practice yoga and pay attention to diet as my primary source of medicine. I'm a big fan of doing what makes you happy so long as you're not violating someone else's happiness. I love jumping in the ocean to shift a bad mood. My dog makes me very happy. I love doing creative stuff all over the spectrum and greatly appreciate people sharing their artistic inspirations. I genuinely do appreciate people coming for massage. I never forget they are vulnerable once they chose to lay on my table and do not violate that trust.

I'd love the opportunity to be of service to you and be something to look forward to in your day!

Chair Massage


I first went to massage school in 2002 and received my Practitioners License in San Diego but I had a full time job in another field so I rarely did massage. I knew when I went to school I wanted to specialize in Chair Massage so when the opportunity came up through the VA & the State of California to get paid to go back to school, so I did. In 2010 I received my Certified Massage Therapist License from the State of California and have been doing Chair Massage and loving it for 6 years. Chair Massage is kind of unique as far as a style of massage, so I would say I use a little Trigger Point, Swedish, Shiatsu & Sports.

Chair Massage


Sandra is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with concentration on Sports, Thai, and Deep tissue massage treatments. Sandar has been doing private practice since 2011, after she graduated from the International Professional School of Body Works (IPSB). Her experience expands to the hospitality field where she has extensive experience in business operations, sales, marketing, and public relations. Modalities include Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Blend, Vida Circulatory Blend, Thai Therapeutic Sport Blend, Aromatherapy, Tui Na, and Heated Stone.

Chair Massage


Sarah Banks received her training from a rigorous medical massage program in Ohio at the National Institute of Massotherapy, where she received a thorough background in anatomy and physiology. She moved to San Diego to begin her practice, a hybrid of techniques that includes neuromuscular, trigger point, orthopedic therapeutic and Swedish. She is happy to offer her clients a variety of different pressure levels and appropriate healing strategies. Before becoming a massage therapist, Sarah worked in administrative and research roles in an office environment, receiving regular massage and practicing yoga to mitigate stress. She followed a passion for holistic health by becoming a practitioner, helping others and herself in the most optimal way. She also holds a B. A. in Psychology from Wittenberg University. See more at:

Chair Massage


I come to the world of massage from an extensive career in healthcare.  After 17 years as a dental assistant I decided to switch gears 10 years ago and retrain as a massage therapist. I've been loving it ever since! Licensed in many modalities including Swedish, Thai, hot stone, deep tissue, pregnancy massage,sports massage and chair.  CAMTC licensed.  I have worked with several chiropractors in office as well as at events.  Also continuing to work at high end spas doing full body work. 

Chair Massage


I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1990.  I have over 700 trained hours in the modalities of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi-Lomi,  Shiatsu, Polarity, Reiki, and Thai style Massage.

I generally use parts of these modalities to create my own unique blend of Massage that is designed to specifically address your unique body and concerns.  I am also certified yoga instructor trained in classical style yoga.  

It is my joy and delight to serve this community and my intention that each of us embraces our health and wellness--with these Wholistic offerings.

Chair Massage


I have been a licensed California certified massage therapist since 2003 and a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2007. I am versed in the modalities of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, medical, oncology, geriatric, rehabilitative, Shiatsu, and prenatal Massage. I have over 13 years of experience working in Holistic Health through my own business, spas, businesses, and in various doctor offices, alzheimer care facilities, and hospitals. I have over 30 years of customer service as retail, sales, and as an educator before starting my massage career; which assists in meeting all my client's needs. It is my passion to help others and ease people from every day stresses in life, and assist in recovery from physical and emotional trauma.