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  • $75/hour per massage therapist.
  • 2 hour minimum for each event.
  • Travel expenses within our service area are covered in our rates.**
  • Gratuity is also included in our rates.

* Increase on hourly rates for events occurring between 9pm & 7am.
** If your event is outside the Austin metro area, call for a quote.

Austin, Texas Chair Massage

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Where Can We Bring Chair Massage in Austin,TX?

Chair Massage Details in Austin, TexasAnywhere! Keep your Austin workplace weird, fun, and vibrant with office chair massage! Research shows that consistent, smaller benefits like on-site chair massage increase overall production and employee happiness, which leads to higher retention rates and a peaceful work environment. 

LoDo Chair Massage’s licensed and experienced massage therapists are just a call away from your next wellness event in one of many entertainment venues on Sixth Street or businesses on historic Congress Avenue. Both SXSW attendees visiting the Live Music Capital of the World and Grand Prix fans racing to Formula One can appreciate a relaxing chair massage after an action-packed day. 

Contact us today at (512) 412-3171 to learn more about our chair massage therapists in Austin. We are Austin's fastest growing chair massage company. We are also Austin's leading provider of Corporate Yoga classes! We’re also popular in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio!

What We're All About

Best Chair Massage Info in Austin, Texas

In 2008, LoDo Chair Massage opened for business in Denver, CO with a mission to spread the benefits of massage therapy at work. Ten years of five-star rated chair massage therapy and corporate yoga has allowed us to expand to 30 major metropolitan areas around the country. 

We know corporate wellness. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service starting with exceptional customer service from when you first reach out. We’re there with you up until the end of your corporate wellness event to make sure you and your employees are completely blissed out and rejuvenated.

In our modern day world, it’s easier than ever to connect online, but this has come at the cost of disconnecting from our bodies. Many of us often don’t notice the discomfort and stress of the long days at work setting in until we wake up with terrible back pain or get a tension headache that requires taking time off work. A proliferation of new research and countless personal testimonials show massage done right is medicine for mind and body. 

Preventative health care measures like massage therapy help reduce work stress, increase productivity, and boost office morale. What better way to show your employees you care for their well-being as well as help them be their best at work?

Meet Our Chair Massage Therapists in Austin,TX

Our therapists are available in the Austin,TX metro area for weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly visits. We also offer package discounts for large events, repeat customers, and referrals. Call for a chair massage at your workplace in Austin,TX. Please reference our client list to see who we've worked with.

Chair Massage


Ashley Hiatt has been practicing massage since 2003. With over 1,000 hours of hands on experiences and over 800 hours of training, she has the knowledge and skills necessary to help clients with many different needs. 

Ashley has a passion for massage and anything wellness related - form health and wellness conventions and fairs to spa experiences to on-site corporate events.

When she is not helping keep Austin well, you can find her donating her time at Texas Oncology or hanging out with her family exploring different areas of the city!


Chair Massage


Becca graduated from the Seattle campus of Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy’s extended program in 2010. She loves the human body’s ability to adjust, adapt, and heal itself and is excited to be a part of this process with each client. Incorporating several modalities (Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, etc.) into each session, Becca balances specific, targeted muscle treatment with focus and calm throughout the entire session. A long-term yogi, dancer, and acrobat, Becca has years of at-home muscle training and stretching techniques to pass on to each client to continue feeling at their best between sessions.

Chair Massage


I got into massage 18 years ago after taking a medical retirement from the Post Office. I knew from the beginning that I liked corporate chair massage. It is 95% of my business today. My goals are to help with relaxation, recovery and pain relief in the corporate world.

In my spare time when I'm not entertaining my wife and grandson, I like to cook, tend my garden and chickens, collect old books, and collect/restore old cast iron cooking pans.

Chair Massage


Christine is a chair massage therapist in Austin, TX.

Chair Massage


Cori Webb is a seasoned massage therapist of 18 years, most recently doing chair massage at Austin Bergstrom International Airport for the last 7 years. She runs a thriving private practice. Her specialty is listening to the needs of the client and tailoring the session to target those needs for a wonderful productive sesion. 

Chair Massage


Hector is a chair massage therapist in Austin, TX.

Chair Massage


Maura Jepsen is a member of the American Massage and Bodywork Professionals (AMBP) and is licensed by the State of Texas as a Massage Therapist. Maura had a full career as a public school physical education teacher and coach, where she realized the importance of massage and acupressure in maintaining muscle strength and relaxation. She attended massage therapy school where she was able to use her sports and muscle knowledge in conjunction with her massage skills.

Chair Massage


I have been practicing massage for the past nine years in the Austin area. My initial massage education was at Memorial Hermann Massage School in Houston and I completed advanced studies at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin. I enjoy giving an integrative massage that focuses on achieving overall relaxation while addressing specific pain complaints. I have received training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports, Trigger Point, Chair massage and Myofascial Release.

Chair Massage



Kirsten has been sharing her skills as a professional massage therapist for 9 years. Having studied dance her whole life and practicing yoga for the past 16 years, she has a highly astute kinesthetic understanding of the body. She incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial Release, Reiki, and stretching to elevate your sense of self body awareness and well being. She is also holds a Masters in Oriental Medicine and infuses her practice with elements learned from this tradition, working with your vital energy to help you arrive to a feeling of wellness and inner peace

Chair Massage


After years of being a natural caretaker, in 2011 Laura pursued a path in massage therapy. She enjoys working with people as individuals with individual needs. She specializes in deep, relaxing, restorative work, prenantal, and hot stone massage. 

Chair Massage


I have been a massage therapist for 12 years with my own company Tender Lomi Care. Providing therapists for sporting events. Marathon', Ironman's Austin Triathlons and cycling events. Worked for CAUSE (caring for America's Uniformed Service charity) FtHood volunteer of the month award. Provided wounded soldiers with medical table /chair massage. Worked on various musicians on tour. I love doing massage and have maintained private clientele for years.

Chair Massage


Liz is a chair massage therapist in Austin, TX.

Chair Massage


Michael has been massaging since April 2017, and although he is fairly new to the field, he has demonstrated exceptional drive to succeed. Shortly after graduating from the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Michael worked as a teacher's assistant. He will continue his current efforts to gain mastery of the human anatomy while giving his clientele compassionate care. Michael offers a quality experience with therapeutic results. 

Chair Massage


Moni attended massage school at Texas School of Massage in Houston, TX in 2009. She has received training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports, Trigger Point, Chair Massage, and Myofascial Release. She started working in corporate chair massage and knew then that she found a home! Her goals are to help with relaxation, recovery, and pain relief in the corporate world. She enjoys giving an integrative massage that focuses on achieving overall relaxation while addressing specific pain complaints.  

Chair Massage


Rhys graduated from Avenue Five Institute in Austin, TX. He discovered massage thearpy as a career while on a plant medicine yoga retreat. While on the retreat, he met many therapists who were happy, grounded and stable in their career. The experience was life changing, and the rest is history. Rhys specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage. He hopes to one day run his own private practice with Austin's most driven athletes hopping on his table or chair. 

Chair Massage

Sarah B.

Sarah Barnes is and LMT, MTI and RYT that has been practicing massage for roughly 2 years and teaching yoga on and off for about 4. During that time she has worked in all aspects of massage including corporate chair massage, teaching, wellness studios, massage school admissions and more. Energetic and always smiling, you can expect a detailed and caring massage experience with Sarah. 

Chair Massage


Scott has been a practicing LMT for 5 years, and in Austin for the last 3. He offers primarily Swedish and deep tissue massage with a unique style that incorporates elements from a variety of movement, awareness, communication, and bodywork traditions. In his downtime he makes music in the winter and swims in the summer. 

Chair Massage


Sherri has been licensed in the healing art of massage therapy since 2005 with her initial years rooted in chiropractic care, assisting patients recovering from injuries, and educating them on body mechanics and stretches to promote healing. Her chair massage experience began in the chiropractic setting as well, providing trigger point sessions to patients pre and post adjustments. Being born and raised in Austin, she's been able to direct a sense of calm amidst Austin's growing, diverse community. 

Each massage Sherri gives is artistically colored for each of her clients so that no one massage she gives is the same. Her massage palette for chair massage includes mostly deep tissue, some Swedish, trigger point therapy, and hand reflexology. Great attention is given during each minute of her massage as she paints away pre-existing pain patterns with hands, forearms, heart, and soul. 

Chair Massage


Virginia is an excellent LMT in Austin, TX with over 10 years of experiences in clinical massage & bodywork. She's worked with a diverse clientele from professional musicians & sponsored athletes to corporate massage in a professional environment. 

"Massage here, there, & everywhere!"

Chair Massage

Weibin Li

I am a quick learner, and love being a massage therapist. I enjoy listening to clients and working with them to relieve their body pain (back, neck, shoulders, arms, head, calf, hipe, knees, feet, etc.) and help them feel better.