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On-site Yoga Instruction in Seattle, Washington

Stress-free, flat rate pricing - $100/hr (gratuity included)

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  • Travel within the greater Seattle, WA metro area is covered.
  • One Class Minimum per booking.
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  • On-Site Chair Massage starts at $75/hr.
Seattle, Washington Workplace Yoga

Office Hours in Seattle, Washington

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm MST 
Appointments available 7 days a week, and after hours upon request.

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Benefits of workplace yoga include:

  • Hypertension & anxiety relief
  • Helps with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Reduce arthritis & carpal tunnel pain
  • Improve chronic pain from sitting
Seattle, Washington On-site Corporate Yoga

Option 1: Group Yoga Classes 

  • A full 1 hour yoga class 
  • Thoughtfully crafted to suit all yoga and fitness levels, this option is fun way to get the group moving together. Our talented teachers bring their energy, knowledge, and a great playlist to help your team come together and do something great for their wellbeing.
  • Use whatever space works best in your office for the number of participants expected. We cannot provide all yoga mats, but can often supplement a few. These can be easily and cheaply purchased by those that don't already have one. 

Option 2: Desk Chair Yoga

  • 45 Minute yoga class
  • This class will be led with all participants sitting or standing at their desks, using their chairs as support. The teacher will lead the staff through simple standing and seated postures that target the areas of the body that are most impacted by sitting at a desk all day. 
  • Requires no additional space, mats, or other props. The teacher will bring their extensive knowledge and a great playlist to help employees relax and enjoy themselves.
  • Very high participation rate

Cultivate Happier, Healthier Employees

Best Corporate Office Yoga in Seattle, Washington

Your team deserves an infusion of clarity through physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga classes at work can be an invaluable health benefit that helps increase productivity and manage office stress. Both versions of our workplace yoga classes will help you in developing strength, flexibility, and better posture. Your workforce will leave this experience feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to work!

Need more options? Our experienced and certified yoga teachers are also available for hotel yoga, resort yoga, and event yoga. 

We would love to organize a single-event yoga class, or ongoing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly classes for your Denver workplace. Check out our corporate package pricing for more information. 

Where is Workplace Yoga Available in Seattle, WA?

Best Corporate Office Yoga Info in Seattle, Washington

Anywhere! LoDo Chair Massage yoga teachers travel all around the Puget Sound to the neighborhoods of Seattle, delivering the best corporate yoga classes, from Capitol Hill to South Lake Union to Laurelhurst.

Consistent yoga classes helps employees feel more energized and mentally alert - perhaps even more so than the best coffee from Pike Place would. Instead of slumping into their seats, your employees will feel as if they’re standing as tall as the Space Needle with desk-chair yoga poses that help realign and lengthen the spine. A work perk like on-site yoga is a fantastic way to keep employees happier and healthier so that they love and appreciate their jobs even more.

Why does LoDo Chair Massage consistently receive 5-star ratings for corporate wellness services in Seattle? Find out for yourself what makes us the best on-site yoga and chair massage service for work. We’re just a call away, and also offer services in Spokane and Tacoma. Call us at (206) 494-3340.

Meet Our Yoga Instructors in Seattle, WA

Our instructors are available in the Seattle, WA metro area for weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly visits. We also offer package discounts for large events, repeat customers, and referrals. Call for yoga instruction at your workplace in Seattle, WA. Please reference our client list to see who we've worked with.

Yoga Instructor


Alison came to yoga to heal a back injury...and it worked! Although at first her practice was purely physical, yoga became much more–it would not be an exaggeration to say it has forever changed her life for the much, much better. She has studied and trained with master teachers rooted in a variety of disciplines: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and even Restoratives. Teaching since 2001, she offers a challenging physical practice balanced with inner quiet. Her classes often include: sweat, laughter, poetry, philosophy and meditation. Her hope is that students will float out of the practice feeling content in their bodies, joy in their hearts, and clear in their minds. She counts among her influences: Aadil Palkhivala, who first taught her how to teach, as well as Kim Zamoff King, and Tracy Hodgeman, her first yoga teachers. And there are so many more.

Yoga Instructor


Kathy is a 500 hour RYT, and a 300 hour graduate of Shiva Rea’s Samudra School of Living Yoga. She is certified in Prana Vinyasa(R), and is listed under Teachers on Shiva Rea’s website. Kathy has been a Yoga Instructor since early 2006 and strives to teach in a variety of settings. She loves working with beginners as well as seasoned practitioners and encourages everyone to bring a sense of ease to the practice. Kathy is often reminded of the following quote, both as a teacher and a continual student of Yoga since 1997:

"Do not allow a striving for perfection in asana to detract from that which is alive in the practice, Prana." - Shiva Rea

Yoga Instructor


Nicole is a Private and Corporate Yoga Teacher and a Board-Certified Health Coach (AADP) with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She holds advanced-level Yoga Alliance certification (RYT-500) as well as registered specialization in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga (RPYT). She is further specialized in fitness and anatomy as a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After pursuing a corporate management career for many years, Nicole understands first and foremost the intense stress and workload professionals juggle everyday. After having experienced a powerful transformation with yoga in her own life, she is passionate about sharing the immediate and lasting affects that a yoga practice can bring. Her goal is to spread the message that health practices such as yoga, meditation, and nutrition can help you return to your heart center and sustain you towards your own life mission. It is with great honor that she works with professionals everyday to help increase their natural state of ease, comfort, and joy!

Yoga Instructor


Drawing on her background in dance and physical theatre, Marilyn combines a keen awareness of proper alignment and breath, with insight into how our daily lives shape our posture and health. Having personally experienced the healing power of yoga to recover from a torn foot ligament, she is inspired to share this healing practice with others. Her classes are grounded and energetic, helping students to connect to feeling, build strength, release tension, and develop skills to manage stress.

Marilyn has been practicing yoga since 2000, exploring a variety of styles such as: Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, YogaWorks, and Forrest (her favorite!). She completed the YogaWorks Teacher Training in New York City in 2010 and the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Creatrix Ana Forrest in Houston, Texas in 2014.

Yoga Instructor


I initially found Yoga over 10 years ago as a form of rehabilitation for the many years of gymnastics and ballet I practiced in my early life. I quickly was drawn in as I discovered a practice that satisfied not only my body, but also my soul. For me, Yoga is a safe, calming, restorative place to be YOU, where you are today and in the now.

In this fast paced life of many responsibilities, it can become difficult to find time for ourselves, breath, and simply stop thinking about yesterday or what’s next. I am passionate about teaching all levels, and where your body is at today. Everyone has, and remembers, their first yoga class. While my journey into training initially stemmed from my desire to deepen my practice and my connection to my yoga community, it resulted in truly a desire to guide and appreciate the “you” and the “now”. I gained my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in Seattle with Open Up Yoga. You’ll find me teaching Power Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Sculpt classes.

Yoga Instructor


NETA, YogaFit, and Zumba certified

Cherie is the owner of Essence, a chic coiffure, a local salon and spa in the Roosevelt neighborhood. After several years as a successful hairstylist, Cherie began to feel the stresses on her shoulders and back. Being an active dancer, step aerobics student, and yogi, she decided to use these passions to help heal her body, enabling her to continue working as a stylist, as well as help others with their fitness goals and utilize her experiences to do so. Cherie holds NETA, Yogafit and Zumba certifications, and continues to grow taking new trainings and certifications annually to be sure and have current information for her students. 

When Cherie is not teaching or cutting hair, she enjoys time with her family. She has a husband and 2 teenage boys that enjoy biking, backpacking and going to the theater together. Cherie knows that fitness is not just losing weight to look good. Fitness means that whatever your size is, that you are strong and healthy and using your body as it’s meant to be used. Cherie’s journey into fitness and health inspired her to create an opportunity for others using their bodies for their professions who also desire to reclaim their bodies as their own. 

Yoga Instructor


Michelle is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. This tripod base allows her to provide care directly through manual therapy techniques as well as teach self-care that can empower change and growth. She loves bringing portable massage and yoga into the workplace, believing that big benefits are delivered in a short amount of time - efficient and effective stress reduction and increased comfort for hard-working employees.

Michelle's table massage practice combines Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial technique; she has specialized interests in pre-natal and scoliosis. Her yoga practice includes gentle asana, Vedic chanting, and a study of yogic philosophy; she especially enjoys sharing yoga with beginners – helping to develop body awareness, functional movement, and self-care practices that nurture everyday well-being, outside the studio and off the mat