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Remote Stretch, Yoga, & Meditation

Livestream Chair Yoga 

Chair Yoga brings a little zen to employees at their desks and in their homes as they work remotely. There’s no need to change, buy a yoga mat or even move from the workspace. Chair Yoga is designed for any skill level and takes employees through a sequence of poses they can do at their desks to reduce tension, ease neck and shoulder pain and de-stress.  


Livestream Meditation

Meditation transforms your office or home into a wellness oasis amongst a field of paperclips and highlighters. Follow the gentle, lilting voices of some of our best instructors as they transport you to a place where you can acknowledge, identify and release stress through breathwork. Just log in, meet with your colleagues near and far, and tune out the stressors of the day while capturing some lasting peace.


Why Offer Group Chair Yoga and Meditation?  

Yoga and meditation provide tangible benefits for employees and employers alike. Both services can be led remotely and students will reap the same great benefits they have come to expect in their face-to-face classes.

These services are a great way to provide continual wellness benefits for employees during a stressful time. Both of these classes are wonderful for tension and stress relief and help ground employees. Offering online yoga and meditation gives employees an opportunity to connect with their colleagues while enjoying wonderful health benefits like a calm mind, creativity, lowered blood pressure and improved immunity.


Livestream Yoga Classes

Looking to keep continuity with your current wellness offerings or offer additional wellness options for your remote workers? LoDo offers livestreamed yoga classes tailored to meet the needs and abilities of diverse workforces.

Choose a 30- or 60-minute format to provide your employees the opportunity to get away from their desks to center and re-energize with an in-home yoga class that’s just like one they’d complete in the studio. Not only will employees receive expert instruction in the convenience of their home, they will also be able to reconnect with work colleagues in a peaceful environment that delivers substantial benefits both personally and professionally.


How does it work?  

All classes are held live so students can experience a connected and dynamic class experience, similar to those they have come to expect from our on-site yoga and meditation classes. Employees can access the classes any time, whether from the office, while traveling or working from home.

Sign up for our services and we'll set up regularly scheduled, online classes for your remote employees.


Each class includes up to 100 users, however, we recommend smaller groups of 10-15 for stronger group interaction.

Single Classes

30 minutes

$5 per person

$50 minimum

60 minutes

$5 per person

$60 minimum

Package Discounts

11-19 people

 5% off

20 or more

10% off

Call: 888-673-2535

Weekly Livestream Workshops

LoDo’s weekly Wellness Workshops focus on specific needs or types of stretching that help employees decrease the pain, tension headaches and stress often associated with working at a desk all day – whether at home or in the office. All employees need is a little bit of space, an internet connection and clothes they can move in. One of our experienced instructors will then guide them through a series of movements.

We welcome employees of all abilities and provide modifications as needed so everyone can feel immediate benefits, such as a calmer mind, increased energy, decreased neck, shoulder, back and hip pain and an overall feeling of wellness.


Classes are every Wednesday at 12 pm PST and every Thursday at 11 am PST. Topics include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Prevention
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Posture Realignment
  • Breathwork
  • Stretch the Neck
  • Hip Stretch
  • Shoulder Release
  • Pectoral Mobility
  • And more!

We can also create a customized workshop specific to your company's needs. Contact us to learn more.

Join us to learn more about how to stretch and move your body to feel free and increase personal benefit.


On-Demand Classes

Are you having a large event? Do you have multiple offices in different time zones? Trying to schedule a class for your whole company?

Let us record a class for you! Our creative instructors can record a clear, professional video that is catered specifically to your business’s needs. Your team will love the opportunity to participate on their own schedule and can even take the class more than once!

This on-demand feature is perfect for offering wellness options like stretch, yoga and meditation to everyone in the company or at your event.



10 minutes


15 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes


Call: 888-673-2535