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On-Site Workplace Chair Massage in Boston, Massachusetts

Stress-free pricing - $80/hr* 

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  • $80/hour per massage therapist.
  • 2 hour minimum per therapist for each event.
  • Travel expenses within our service area are covered in our rates.**
  • 20% gratuity will be added to the invoice.

*5 minutes will be added to each person for a thorough cleaning and changeover.

* Increase on hourly rates for events occurring between 9pm & 7am.
** If your event is outside the Boston metro area, call for a quote.

Boston, Massachusetts Chair Massage

Office Hours in Boston, Massachusetts

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm MST 

For on-site chair massage for your Boston office, please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment or call: 617-206-4187

LoDo Chair Massage therapists are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year (and after hours upon request) for:

Boston, Massachusetts Chair Massage Service

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Where Can We Bring Chair Massage in Boston, MA?

Chair Massage Details in Boston, MassachusettsAnywhere! Whether you"re a business in the Financial District or a research center in the Innovation District, our staff is here for you. Our sensational team of bodyworkers are also available to provide event chair massage in venues throughout Boston, as large as the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center or as cozy as your living room for a spa night with friends.

Boston attracts many health-focused individuals thanks to the city"s walkability, numerous farmer"s markets, and fitness events like the Boston Marathon. Massage therapy is a wonderful wellness benefit to offer your employees, and LoDo Chair Massage makes it easy. Our team of traveling massage therapists bring everything needed for chair massage event right to your office.

LoDo Chair Massage offers on-site chair massage in the Boston metro area, including Cambridge, Somerville, and Newton. Call us today at 617-206-4187 to get a quote for your next wellness event.

What We're All About

Best Chair Massage Info in Boston, Massachusetts

In 2008, LoDo Chair Massage opened for business in Denver, CO with a mission to spread the benefits of massage therapy at work. Ten years of five-star rated chair massage therapy and corporate yoga has allowed us to expand to 30 major metropolitan areas around the country. 

We know corporate wellness. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service starting with exceptional customer service from when you first reach out. We"re there with you up until the end of your corporate wellness event to make sure you and your employees are completely blissed out and rejuvenated.

In our modern day world, it"s easier than ever to connect online, but this has come at the cost of disconnecting from our bodies. Many of us often don"t notice the discomfort and stress of the long days at work setting in until we wake up with terrible back pain or get a tension headache that requires taking time off work. A proliferation of new research and countless personal testimonials show massage done right is medicine for mind and body. 

Preventative health care measures like massage therapy help reduce work stress, increase productivity, and boost office morale. What better way to show your employees you care for their well-being as well as help them be their best at work?


Meet Our Chair Massage Therapists in Boston, MA

Our therapists are available in the Boston, MA metro area for weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly visits. We also offer package discounts for large events, repeat customers, and referrals. Call for a chair massage at your workplace in Boston, MA. Please reference our client list to see who we've worked with.

Chair Massage


Angela is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Debbie is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Helzo has been a massage therapist since  2014 and has experience in chair massage events, as well as, Swedish and deep tissue table massage.

Chair Massage


Janine Robinson, a graduate of Cortiva-Boston (formerly known as Muscular Therapy Institute) is a Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist. Janine also holds a certificate in Compassionate Touch therapy and works with the elderly, as well as those who have terminal illnesses, recovering from a long illness, or for those who just need to decrease tension and chronic pain.

Chair Massage


Jennifer has been a massage therapist for 6 years and has worked at many spas throughout the years. She loves working with people and specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone massage, prenatal, and aromatherapy. She loves to incorporate stetching since most people are very mindful of it. Jennifer believes in having a therapeutic approach, and is thorough and overall intuitive of her clients' needs. She personalizes her massages to make sure the client is satisfied and content with the results as each goal is met during the session. Jennifer is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Chair Massage


Jessica was called to healing touch from a young age, when she started offering friends and family massage and energy work, based on an intuitive knowing and desire share the healing benefits. Shortly after college at University of Massachusetts Amherst, she realized that she wanted to enter the Healing Arts as a career path and enrolled in massage school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Jessica has been practicing full time ever since and over the 12 year span have trained in a vast range of modalities to hone in her craft including HeartMind Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Table Thai Massage, Advanced Sports Therapeutic Massage, and Reiki. Her sessions still draw from an intuitive base, infusing the advanced skills she has learned from trainings with the skills she has developed through direct work in the field with clients. With a background in competitive gymnastics followed by 20 years of yoga practice and 10 years of teaching yoga, Jessica has an experiential understanding of physical and energetic anatomy which come through in the effectiveness of her touch. She is always honored to offer this work and feels blessed to be able to do what she does.

Chair Massage


John is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Markia's passion for massage came as a surprise to her. She originally decided to go to school for the Holistic Massage Program because she wanted to learn how to cleanse her own energy. Some traumatic experiences caused her to feel depressed and disappointed with herself. Markia decided to make a change starting with herself. She didn't realize how much her well-being affected everyone around her, even friends and family she hadn't heard from recently. She attended Spa Tech in Plymouth, MA starting September 2019. There, she learned conscious touch and how to "see" with our hands. she learned the science and art of massage therapy.  

Massage therapy has many benefits for the client. However, as a massage therapist, Markia feels it is very rewarding when clients tell her how she's helped their condition improve, as well as their quality of life. This encouraged her to become a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. She looks forward to providing more comfort and mobility to patients with ailments affecting their quality of life.

Chair Massage


Marquis is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Michelle is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Minyi has been doing corporate chair massage since 2015, as well as mobile on demand in-home and hotel massages.

Chair Massage


Nick has always had a strong desire to help others, which grew into a desire to heal through various forms of touch therapy. He dabbled in bodywork for a number of years before committing himself to it as a career. He feels it is not something that he could ever be without. The decision to embrace his healer self has truly transformed his life in many ways. Nick looks forward to sharing his art with you. 

Chair Massage


Rai-An Perrish is originally from Buffalo,NY. She started her career studying Elementary Education and has worked in a number of settings working with children including schools and afterschool programs. She has been interested in Massage Therapy ever since she started going for regular massages in 2005. In 2008, Rai-An moved to Windsor, Connecticut and two years later decided to go back to school to finally study Massage Therapy. Upon graduation, she moved to the Boston area of Massachusetts and the following year started doing on-site chair massage for a few different companies. She really enjoyed doing that. After almost a year she was offered a full-time teaching job which she accepted. She took a break from doing massage therapy but always wanted to go back. Recently Rai-An was able to go part-time at my current job in early childhood so she could go back to doing what she also loved Massage Therapy. She is so excited to be in the field again and is looking forward to working with and helping people!

Chair Massage


Randa Sununu has been practicing massage for almost 30 years (since March 1990). She has her own massage therapy practice, called Long Life Massage. Giving a deep, yet gentle and relaxing massage is her specialty.

Chair Massage


Shayla is a licensed massage therapist in Boston, MA.

Chair Massage


Shirley is a massage therapist and healing practitioner with 17 years of experience in the healing arts. Her therapeutic massage sessions combine various modalities and techniques to assist in the relaxation, healing and well-being of the client. In addition, Shirley offers Reiki energy sessions that incorporate shamanic and crystal healing, as well as Reflexology for the hands and feet, using strategically placed finger pressure to help relieve tension and improve circulation. All modalities are performed to the client"s level of comfort so that they can relax, release and let go as they are able.