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On-Site Corporate Wellness Services Available in Boston

On-site chair massage, yoga, and meditation for your Boston office

By Hanna Kim - February 10, 2020

LoDo Chair Massage Is Open for Business in Boston

LoDo Chair Massage is taking calls for your office wellness needs in Boston. Our friendly wellness experts come right to you, delivering the best on-site chair massage, yoga class, and meditation class in Boston.

Why invest in wellness benefits for your employees? Companies that do so see a 3 to 1 ROI on their initial investment in a wellness program. Employees who have benefits like massage at work are happier, feel more appreciated, and less stressed. They tend to be more productive and stay with companies longer too.

Our offerings make a great addition for corporate health fairs, employee appreciation events, and office holiday parties. These services are also available for personal events and celebrations including bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and more. 

We make corporate wellness quick and easy for companies - get a quote online for on-site wellness in Boston or reach us by phone Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 6:00PM MST at 617-206-4187.

Introducing Our Boston Massage Therapists

Nick, Corporate Massage Therapist in Boston

Nick is a compassionate individual who loves to help people heal through massage therapy. He has been practicing massage therapy along other forms of healing arts for a number of years, and feels he benefits just as much through his work as his clients do.

Janine, Corporate Massage Therapist in Boston

Janine has extensive training in the healing arts as a board certified massage therapist. Her background is in medical massage - having worked with people with terminal illness and long-term illness as well as people looking for relief from chronic pain symptoms.
Work With LoDo Chair Massage Boston
As our business grows, we’re looking for more Licensed Massage Therapists, Certified Yoga Instructors, and Meditation Specialists to join our talented team in Boston. Working with us is a flexible way to add to your income stream. Send in your application here.

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