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Need an Idea for Employee Appreciation Day? We’ve Got You!

Don’t Miss This Chance to Show Your Employees How Much You Value Them

By Jessica Lollino - February 23, 2020

March 6th is Annual Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a day where businesses, CEOs, and Leadership Teams band together to show their employees how much they appreciate them the other 364 days of the year. Not only that, it’s also a day businesses can take small but significant steps to increase employee satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Studies show that employees are happy to stay with their company when they receive employee recognition through awards, treats, and perks that go beyond compensation. Our clients know first-hand how powerful appreciation and wellness can be. With that in mind, here’s a sample itinerary for an employee-centric appreciation day that will make your team feel cherished and valued far past March 6th.

Breakfast of Champions

They are your champions, so why not start the day off right with a decadent breakfast spread that is pick-and-peck friendly as to encourage socializing amongst your team? Get festive with table accoutrements and bring out some tunes like Spotify’s Wake Up playlist for a positive, uplifting vibe. Extra points for bringing in a barista.

Put the Ahhhhhh in Appreciation

After breakfast, introduce the team to one (or more if needed) massage therapists who are there to provide your workers complimentary chair massages. You can have your employees sign up for specific massage time slots in advance with our easy-to-use online scheduling system. If you want to keep the massages a surprise, you can have managers make up a schedule beforehand or have your employees reserve a time on the spot.

Chair massage has been recognized to drastically reduce stress and increase productivity and positivity in the workplace, so it’ll not only keep the good vibes flowing but increase them as the day goes on.

Lunch and Learn: Wellness Edition

Whether it’s mental or physical, your employees do a lot of heavy lifting for your organization throughout the year. Help them out by offering a lunch and learn focused on wellness both at and away from work. Bring in an expert to teach breathing techniques, yoga, and other wellness behaviors that help your staff take care of themselves.

Bring in a healthy catered lunch or call up a few food trucks for a cheerful mid-day picnic if the weather allows for it. Maybe even add some branded wellness swag, like a HydroFlask or yoga mats with your company logo to let them know your company has health as the focus all year round.

Say Thank You!

End a great day with a sincere thank you. Take a moment to recognize over-and-above teams and individuals with special awards.

Finally, show your commitment to your employees by unveiling a new wellness initiative like regular chair massage yoga and meditation at the workplace. (We’d also like to mention this can mean tax benefits and insurance perks for your business too).

If you’d like to learn more about workplace wellness or want to schedule a corporate wellness event with us, please contact us at 888-673-2535 or get an instant quote here. We look forward to working with you very soon!
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