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Social Distance Corporate Desktop Yoga and Meditation

What Everyone Needs NOW!

By Jessica Lollino - March 15, 2020

Desktop Yoga and Desktop Meditation: What Everyone Needs NOW!

More than ever, employees need to destress. With the current state of things, companies are experiencing major transitions. Work as we know it is changing, and we don’t know how long these changes are going to last – businesses closing temporarily, minimizing things to a skeleton work crew, and creating an entire workforce that is new to momentarily working from home, are just a few of the changes making employees, and even employers, consider moving to a treehouse and quitting the adult world for a while (or forever).

Employees are stressed about their health, their families, where they can buy extra Purell and Charmin, how their companies will fare, their own performance under new circumstances, and in totality, they’re worried about their jobs. It’s for this reason, LoDo Chair Massage is excited to announce Desktop Yoga and Desktop Meditation. With this new initiative, we hope to continue to facilitate office-based wellness that can be accessed by anyone and enjoyed by all employees, no matter their age, fitness level, or ability.

What are Desktop Yoga and Desktop Meditation?
Taught by the same amazing teachers that teach our in-office and in-studio classes, Desktop Yoga and Desktop Meditation bring a little Zen to employees at their desks and in their homes. No need to change, buy a yoga mat, or even move from your screen, Desktop Yoga takes employees of all abilities through a sequence of poses they can do, at their desks, to reduce tension, ease neck and shoulder pain, and destress in general. No lululemon pants required (but if you’re in the office, pants probably are).

Desktop Meditation transforms your desktop into a wellness oasis of Zen amongst a field of paperclips and highlighters. Follow the gentle, lilting voices of some of our best instructors as they transport you to a place where you can acknowledge, identify, and release stress through breathwork. Again, no accouterment necessary and it's easy just to log in and tune out the stressors of the day while capturing some lasting peace you can take with you beyond your class. Befriending a Sherpa on a mountainside is totally optional.

Both of these classes are not only wonderful for tension and stress relief, they also help ground employees. These classes connect them with others at their company and provide the same benefits in-person yoga and meditation provide such as calm, creativity, lowered blood pressure, and improved immunity.

How Does it Work?
Simply sign up for our service and we'll set up your employees for regularly scheduled classes through Zoom conferencing. All classes are held live, so students can experience a connected and dynamic class experience, similar to those they have come to expect from our on-site Yoga and Meditation classes. Employees can access the classes, whether they be in the office, on the road traveling, or working from home.

Have Questions or Ready to Get Your Zen On?
Just give us a call at 888.673.2535 or email us to get an instant quote. We are happy to get you up-and-running as soon as possible, so you and your employees can take a breath and get a little relief.

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