Thank You Teachers!!!

Chair massage is a great gift for teachers!

By Jason Gold - May 3, 2016

LoDo Chair Massage Performed Chair Massage for over 60 schools during Teachers Appreciation Week 2016. 

What a wonderful way to say Thank you to the special teachers in your life with a wonderfully relaxing and healing Chair Massage!

Teachers are working countless hours to improve the lifes of their students and to enrich curiculms. This work is exhausting and often thankless... Lodo Chair Massage can deliver the perfect gift of relaxation and total body healing. A Chair Massage is A great way to melt stress away instantly. A gift of a Lodo Chair Massage will be one of the most memorable and apprecaited compliments a teacher can receive. Time melts away during a Chair Massage and overall wellbeing is achieved.

Lodo Chair Massage is commited to adding comfort, reliving stress, and bringing the top massage therapists in the indusrty directly to your office or workplace. Our licensed profressional Chair Massage therapists are always punctual, and offer the very Chair Massage available.

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