The 5 Top Reasons to Choose LoDo Massage for Workplace Chair Massage and Yoga!

Why we're simply the best choice

By Ed Rich - May 6, 2016

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to providing massage to your staff. The industry of workplace wellness is growing exponentially as more and more companies realize the value of these services! Here are 5 of the many reasons that LoDo Chair Massage is simply the best choice to take care of your team.

1. The best therapists! We frequently visit all of our cities, taking the time to meet with our therapists individually, learning about their lives and experience, and ensuring that only the best therapists are taking care of our clients. This process builds trust, dependability and accountability within our team.

2. We know your city! Our team works remotely from our cities, not only to meet the therapists, but also to learn about the area. This way, we understand the city's culture and energy, the different areas of town, and the major landmarks. (This happens to be one of the funnest parts of our job too!) We operate in 33, hand-picked cities, so that we can manage the staff and really know our clientele and our market.

3. Best flat-rate pricing! We run an efficient and cost-effective company so we don't need to charge you for outrageous overhead. We simply pay our therapists a fantastic hourly rate, ensuring the best therapists are happy with their work. Happy therapists, happy employees, and happy accountants. We keep it simple too: $75/hour covers gratuity, set-up and tear-down within the greater metro areas of all our cities.

4. Personalized service! When you call LoDo Chair Massage, you'll talk to a friendly person. We connect via our cell phones (you can even text us), so we can be available to make sure the job gets done right 100% of the time. 

5. Customized online scheduling! We have an online scheduling system, designed from the ground up for this specific purpose.  We wanted a tool that was non-invasive, and yet blissfully simple to use. No email, phone number or facebook account will be required, yet the whole team can easily acccess and reserve their perfect time slot.

Give us a call  to see what we can set up for your team.
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