Workplace and Event Stretching Classes

We help your employees stretch it out!

By Aly Ballow - May 26, 2016

Workplace Stretching Classes
LoDo Massage is now offering On-the-Job Stretching Services for the everyday workplace. Remind your employees that you care. Show them that their health and well-being is top-priority for the company they work for. Our stretching programs are designed and taught by our licensed, insured and highly qualified instructors. Stretch techniques are very quick and simple to perform, and no formal break is required to practice them. Classes are 45min long and designed to be taught in any work attire. LoDo Massage strives to educate your employees the importance of proper alignment, job-specific stretches, and ways to reduce soft-tissue injuries. Simple stretching routines will reduce fatigue, improve muscular coordination, and improve balance and posture in everyday life. Employees will not only benefit from these sessions at the workplace, they will experience the positive benefits in their personal life as well.     
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