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a very important question for employers

By Arynn - September 20, 2016

As corporate yoga becomes more popular all across the country, an important question often comes up regarding whether this wellness service is a luxury or actually saves the company money in the long run.

At LoDo Chair Massage and Yoga, we’ve seen first hand in 13 cities over several years how the simple addition of on-site yoga can save in company health and insurance costs and increase money-making productivity.

So, how does adding workplace yoga to your company’s wellness plan actually increase productivity if they’re taking time out of their day for class? First of all, having regular yoga classes before work, during lunch time or even chair yoga during breaks, helps reduce many hidden causes of office sickness, low motivation, fatigue and low productivity. For instance…

  • Circulation improvement from yoga can noticeably boost immunity.

  • This immunity boost improves recovery time from work/non-work related illnesses and injuries.

  • Certain yoga poses can be used to promote a more restful sleep, which has shown time and time again to combat sickness and improve productivity during waking hours.

  • Studies show that uninterrupted sitting in postures like a work desk reduces productivity as the body’s cardiovascular, muscular and nervous system were designed for movement, not stagnation. One particular study compared 5+ hours of sitting to produce negative health consequences equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. Corporate yoga is the perfect way to pause and reduce these negative effects.

  • LoDo’s workplace yoga is well-versed in movement, poses and a final moment of rejuvenating stillness that can reduce fatigue and work stress.

  • Motivation, creativity, alertness, clarity, energy, concentration and attentiveness to work performance are benefitted by movement, especially targeted movement modalities like workplace yoga.

  • Certain yoga poses can reduce muscle pain, soreness and tension that is caused by prolonged sitting and sedentary working positions.

  • In the long term, practicing yoga and structuring a work day around healthy habits will increase an individual employee’s ability to manage their own stress effectively. This, again, reduces stress-related illness, fatigue and pain.

  • Yoga also helps maintain healthy weight and blood pressure which translates into a healthier employee overall.

  • Regular yoga practice, especially one that pauses the stress of the work day, is comparable to the stress-reducing benefits of a short vacation. This is evident in the improved nervous system function.

  • The calming, centering and meditative aspects of yoga have been proven to improve decision-making capabilities which translates into a company with less mistakes, and less wasted productivity spent fixing those oversights.

  • Employees are certainly not the only members of the company that benefit by offering workplace yoga. Every level of staff who participates in workplace yoga often interacts more positively and effectively with their team during work hours. Also — offering a progressive wellness plan often attracts health-conscious individuals for management positions who are already well-versed in stress management and know how to implement these ideas in the workplace.

  • And above all, happy people are healthy people. LoDo’s workplace yoga brings a smiling, professional and certified yoga instructor into your work environment which often instantly improves morale. In the long term, job satisfaction, confidence and positive thinking patterns have been reported.

So, the question really is… are you ready for happier, less-stressed employees and less expenditures on workplace illnesses?  If so, LoDo Chair Massage and Workplace Yoga now offers its on-site wellness services to Boise, Dallas, Austin, Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Phoenix, Omaha, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and San Diego.

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