Employees Stressed Post-Election?

here's how you can help

By Arynn - November 10, 2016


As a corporate yoga instructor who provides yoga classes for well-being in the workplace, I have noticed the rampant stress the election and post-election hangover has caused in the client populaces I work with.  Whether it's the post-election debates constantly playing on the TV in the break room or just tensions with the election results brewing between coworkers -- the high-stress hangover is noticeable in the air. 

So, how can you help your employees during this time? How can you boost their overall health, increase their immunity, while keeping them destressed and more focused for the upcoming holiday busy season?

Truly, we would highly recommend finding a corporate wellness plan that works for you.  LoDo Chair Massage specifically offers a flexible schedule to make sure that your employees have access to 1 or 2 types of healing modalities to re-center and keep their work flow strong during the day.  We offer on-site, accessible chair massage in which your employees can each sign up for a short repreive during a quick break in their day -- which is both cost and time effective.  For others employees, you may want to opt for more movement during the day. This is especially important if your staff sits at a desk or has hours of stagnation which can cause brain fog, poor circulation and posture issues. For these employee groups LoDo Chair Massage offers corporate on-site yoga classes of the athletic or calmer chair variety. Both have seen tremendous benefits.

Looking out for your employees mental and physical well-being pays off in the long run. Endless studies illustrate how de-stressed, centered employee's have productivity increases and a bonus --- you'll have more positive, morale-boosting interactions too. Couldn't we all use that?

Call today to help your employees through this high-stress season. They'll thank you for it.

LoDo Chair Massage Staff

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