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By Arynn - December 29, 2016

Did you get a change to read our last blog? If not, check out the top 3 shifts a wellness-conscious company can cultivate in “Stress is Costing You."

And if you're the researching type, let’s talk in-depth about investing in your employees, ROI and tackling office issues, because healthier and more productive office spaces are what we’re all about at LoDo Chair Massage.

First, what are some of the issues and profit barriers you are trying to tackle as an employer?  Most likely on your list are low productivity during work hours, low morale during a busy season, absenteeism, preventable health issues and similar problems among your employees. These issues are just all too common.

The National Institute of Safety and Health describes job stress as a leading cause of illness and they noted that this stress also significantly lessens the productivity of an individual.  This productivity loss leads to profit loss. Stress.org estimates that the resulting absenteeism, tardiness and attrition causes a loss of $300 billion annually to companies in the United States. The Wellness Council of America also noted that an average of $5.81 is saved for every $1 spent on a wellness program, like those offered by LoDo Chair Massage. We’ve seen the success with our very own eyes, as we now serve 12 cities and hundreds of corporate clients.

So, knowing this, how can you better accommodate your employees and see a major return for a minimal wellness investment?

The Answer:  Investing in a perfectly timed and tailored wellness plan that involves relatively small time commitments, while delivering proven improvements in staff health, increases in positive staff interaction and increases in focused productivity during work hours. All while incurring a minimal cost with the potential to provide exponential returns.  Our LoDo Corporate offerings include both individual chair massage and yoga that is chair-adapted or on mats if room is available.  These are certainly newer wellness options and they’re tailored for 21st century corporate settings. Always flexible, while providing maximum benefit.

The issues that 15-20 minute chair massages and/or 30-60 minute yoga sessions can solve can have a huge company-wide impact and have been measured time and time again with positive results.

Some of the health barriers in your office setting may be details you haven’t even thought about yet. They may even be causing long term harm to your staff and profit goals. Some of the most detrimental, even life-shortening, issues are: work stations with poor ergonomics that contribute to neck tension, back tension and carpal tunnel, stress contributing to low immunity, and long periods of sitting for desk work. Just sitting for long periods of time has been linked to colon cancer, lowered metabolism, blood sugar issues, tightened and painful hip flexors, foggy/slow brain function, poor circulation and sometimes permanent neck and vertebral strains. All of these health issues reduce productivity and increase absences.

Also, while positive stress can drive an employee to meet a deadline, it also produces health issues, lower productivity and more absences from work when it becomes overwhelmingly negative. Employees who partake in massage and yoga during work hours have seen up to an 85% stress reduction and a 26% reduction in anxiety. Employees also have reported headache relief, better sleep, better posture, more clarity, lower blood pressure and subjectively better immune function as they report being sick less often. Improved mental clarity was also shown to lead to more alertness and better ability to solve mathematical problems.

SO… imagine this…

By investing weekly or monthly in hourly on-site massage and yoga wellness services, you can have licensed massage therapists and certified instructors from our professional LoDo Corporate wellness team at your disposal. They will come to your office at designated morning, lunch or after-hour times to provide stress-reducing massage or yoga. Your employees will look forward to the time they spend recharging, moving stagnant muscles, re-focusing, and regaining their creative drives.

A short time later, you as an employer can be enjoying the benefits of a more productive, happier, healthier staff. You may start to notice a surge of productivity right after employees return from their wellness breaks. You may notice improved morale. You may also notice how small the wellness budget investment is compared to the continuing rise in productivity and profits. At the very least, you will have more focused, happier work environment and staff who have one more great reason to dedicate themselves to a health-conscious company like yours that makes stress reduction a firm priority.

We're rooting for your company's health and success.

If you'd like to explore your options with a company who has been in the chair massage business since 2008, please call (888) 673-2535 or email Alexi directly at alexi@lodomassage.com. You can chat about your company's wellness needs and have all your questions answered. It's hassle-free and SO worth it.


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