Workplace Wellness Culture it stress in the air?

By Arynn - January 29th, 2017

When Forbes speaks, the collective business, finance and executive worlds usually listen. And Forbes says massage is no longer a service to be labeled a luxury, but a treatment productive business execs and employees should have access to as a productivity tool.


Also Oded Cohen, UpRight CEO says, “the reality is that most business men and women spend eight to twelve hours a day sitting slouched over at their desks, which leads to back pain, decreased productivity, poor health and missed work days.”  This is not just opinion either. Back pain is estimated to cost U.S. employers $7 billion per year in lost work days and productivity.


Have you ever walked into your office space and experienced the tension? It might feel as if the deadlines and task lists were floating in the air to create a collective mental fog? That type of atmosphere can not only be stressful, but lead to absenteeism in the workplace as well as significantly lowered spans of productivity throughout the work day.


So, how can you build a work culture and atmosphere that prioritizes the employees, so they in turn, work harder for you? Well since businesses need to be both structured and creative, both about personal accountability and also teamwork, creating a truly positive and productive atmosphere can seem like a daunting task. We at LoDo Chair Massage, have a suggestion that we think will make your stress-reduction and work culture goals resolve themselves easily.


One thing most people can agree on is that work is a major source of stress in their lives, so that's a great aspect of work culture that can be improved and where staff bonding and individual healing can be prioritized. So, to implement an intervention for that stress that seems to become a contagion in your workplace, we highly recommend chair massage and/or workplace yoga.  These wellness modalities are one of the least expensive options for workplace wellness and have both been found to be extremely effective.


"Nearly half of the adult labor force in the United States suffers from head, back or neck pain, and a new study shows the reason why posture could be keeping workers from getting the job done." says Stephanie Valentic. In a recent case study, of participants who were trained to have better posture, 75 percent reported improved posture in six weeks.  


Chair massage, a lunchtime yoga session and speaking with our licensed massage therapists and registered instructors is often something our clients mention as the highlight of their week. Employees can take a short break to reset and all have access to the same wellness tool, which promotes bonding over the relaxation experience, posture awareness, pain relief, and feelings of equity among staff. Talk about a positive work culture!


January still has 2 days left for you to take advantage of LoDo Chair Massage’s discount on a total work atmosphere and employee wellness overhaul. 


Call (888) 673-2535 or email Alexi directly at You can chat about your company's wellness needs and have all your questions answered. It's hassle-free and SO worth it.




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