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4 Awesome Benefits Of Chair Massage In The Workplace (+) 1 Very Important One

By Carolina - March 1, 2017

With an increasing awareness of how taking care of employee's health and well being benefits a company directly, there has also been an increase of programs provided by the employer to help facilitate this maintenance. If you have been thinking of implementing a wellness program for your employees, contact LoDo Chair Massage. There are many reasons why you should book a chair massage for your workplace this Employee Appreciation Day!

1. Increases Productivity

Chair Massage has been scientifically proven to replenish the mind and body, reduce muscle tension, improve posture, boost blood flow and circulation, and lower stress. Better all around health leads to less fatigue and a more productive flow at work.

2. Lowers Health Care Cost

Chair massage can reduce the need for a doctor's visit since it boosts the immune system and reduces stress-relate issues.  Also, it can lower the rate of absenteeism due to work-related stress.

3. Promotes Wellness

Studies have shown that taking the time to heal and detoxify the body leads to a  better wellbeing. Jean Chen Smith, Contributing writer for app.com writes, “…little acts of self-care are just as important as exercising and eating right, because they contribute to well-being, which, after all, should be a balance of pushing yourself, but also taking care of your body in equal amounts." When we take time to take care of our body, we tend to have a better quality of living.

4. Easy to Set Up

We know you are busy, so we make the process quick and easy for you. Also, a chair massage can be set-up pretty much anywhere in the office.

The Very Important Reason- Boosts Morale!

Boosts Morale

Your employees will appreciate that the fact that you took the time to do something that is good for their health. Show your colleagues that you care about their health and wellbeing!


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