Why Chair Massage Doesn't Have to Be a One-Time Thing

Creating a Culture of Health in the Workplace

By Arynn - March 23, 2017

What do the CEOs and Chief Human Resources Officers of Lahey Health, GBMC HealthCare Systems and Cape Fear Valley Health System have to say about creating a healthy workforce? Believe it or not changing health often means changing organizational and workplace culture.

$500 billion is siphoned off from the U.S. economy because of workplace stress costs. That's no small drop in the bucket. Research from Anna Nyberg of the Karolinksa Institute
 illustrates just how strong the link is between leadership stress behaviors and heart disease. Stress-producing leadership staff are literally impacting the heart health and cardiac disorders of themselves and other staff.

Besides these high health care costs related to a stressful work environment, disengagement is another leading cause of lost profit due to stress. Feeling as though your ideas, efforts and presence are valued, secure, supported, and respected goes a long way to reduce this. However, this sense of being valued is almost non-existent in high-stress work cultures with low or no investments in employee health.

So... INVEST in the health of your workplace. Create a culture of care. This investment will cause employees to invest in themselves. This new health-invested culture of your office can absolutely cause the shift of having a merely coffee-sustained zombie staff to healthy and happy employees who value their health and become more productive as a result.  A health-focused work culture even creates more loyalty among staff as they feel more valued and are likely to make more positive social connections in the workplace.

We suggest starting with one of the most cost effective wellness options: chair massage! Even if you normally only offer this on Administrative Assistant Day or have never tried it before, employee health clearly worth investing in regularly.

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