4 Reasons Why You Are Burning Out

Get Through The Rest Of The Day With These Tips

By Carolina Cuartas - September 12, 2017

This article is for those who has ever stared at the screen wondering how he or she will get the motivation to get it through the rest of the day. Don’t worry, you are not alone.


You Don't Give Yourself A Break

Walk away from your desk and refresh your mind. This doesn’t mean quickly eating your lunch in the break room. This means meditation, unplugging, running a few errands, or even taking a power nap.   You’ll be more engaged and productive the rest of the day.


You Aren't Paying Attention To Your Posture

Paying attention to good posture can help prevent injury in the future. Most common form of bad posture is when people bend forward at the waist when sitting at a desk. To improve your posture, keep your feet on the ground, don’t cross your legs, use your backrest to support your low- and mid-back, and relax your shoulders. Making simple adjustments in posture decrease the chance of depression, decreased circulation, and burnout.



You Don’t Sit Still

Sitting stagnant with produce stagnant thoughts. An easy way to get moving is by stretching (Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk), going for a walk, getting up to grab a snack. Get that blood flowing and move around!


You Don’t Exercise

I know you hear this over and over again, but exercise really helps prevent burnout. A recent Australian study found that participants who added exercise to their daily routine had less mental distress, mental exhaustion, and perceived stress than those who hadn’t incorporated exercise. It’s SO important that you find time to exercise. Once you realize that the hardest part about exercising is getting your butt to the gym, you won’t be as stressed and tired at work.


These are only a few ways to manage burnout at work, but ultimately finding ways to prevent burnout is the best way to go. Really think about what is causing you to feel this way. Are you overloaded with work? Is it because of poor diet? Are you co-workers unfriendly to you? These are questions you should be asking and tackling them is the only way you’ll avoid burnout.

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