LoDo Chair Massage Now In San Francisco, St. Louis, and Nashville!

On-Site Chair Massage and Private Yoga

By Carolina Cuartas - December 4, 2017

LoDo Chair Massage is now offering chair massage in St. Louis, Nashville, and San Francisco!

We are proud to now be located in 21 different cities nationwide!

We Offer:

Corporate Chair Massage
Corporate Yoga
Event Chair Massage

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Simple, Effective, Reliable So You Can Relax!

LoDo Chair Massage keeps it simple...Call or email us with your needs. Get a quote for on-site chair massage right away. Get on our calendar. Relax. 

LoDo Chair Massage keeps it effective...With participation rates for chair massage ranging from 80-100% and scores of 5 star reviews, your event will be a success.

LoDo Chair Massage keeps it reliable...Our team of chair massage therapists therapists are vetted specifically for reliability, and our management team is available to help if emergencies arise. You can count on us!

Let us do what we do best- help you and your team relax. 
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