Decompress from Tax Season

Note To Self: Relax

By Nikki Sunshine- March 9, 2018

Tax season can be a busy and overwhelming time for employers and workers alike. Whether you are filing taxes for others, or sorting through your own- the stress of tax season is discernible.


Accounting firms can be especially tense environments, causing mistakes to happen when perfection is needed the most. Many employees will begin to feel worn out, overworked, and unfocused during this time. Plus- we all know of the alarming health complications that high levels of stress can cause down the road.


Your office does not have to be like that this year.


Imagine walking into a tranquil office where despite impending deadlines, everyone is peaceful and focused. You might even wonder if everyone is under some sort of magic spell, or just on anti-depressants. Alas, it’s simply the brilliant work of a talented massage therapist that has elevated the mood and infused relaxation into a hectic workplace.


Investing into employee wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Bringing a licensed massage therapist into your office for 10-20 minute chair massages is an simple way to help employees decompress. Chair massage melts away stress and the physical tension that builds from sitting at a computer all day. When your body is relaxed and feeling good, the mind is able to work sharper.


The advantages of corporate on-site chair massage are well documented to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism for repetitive strain injuries. Besides the physical benefits of massage therapy in the workplace, it also increases morale and lets your employees know that you appreciate their hard work. Providing chair massage as a wellness benefit is also an effective tool for attracting and retaining new talent.



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