How to Start a Corporate Wellness Program

Truly, happier & healthier employees = better business.

By Carolina Cuartas - May 22, 2018

Companies have been putting more emphasis on corporate wellness than ever before. A successful Corporate Wellness Program emphasizes the importance of their physical and emotional well being. When we take time to do something healthy and good for our bodies, we have more confidence and greater sense of well being.  Not only that, creating a successful Corporate Wellness Program leads to increased productivity, workplace morale, improved work performance, and it reduces health insurance costs.

How to Start a Corporate Wellness Program

It may seem tricky to find the right Corporate Wellness Program for your team. The good news is that it doesn't have to be! Here are a few key things to keep in mind when picking a program.

Assess Your Needs

It's important to know your employees' needs and if they are on board with the plan. If you work in an office environment, assess the health issues that may arise from sitting at a desk all day. For example, we know that the human body is meant to move, and sitting at a desk especially tightens your joints. One of the most common health problems that can arise is your hip flexors (the muscles that help pull your legs towards your body) tightening and shortening. This can lead to back pain from the hips forcing the pelvis to tilt forward, which compresses your back. This is among many other health issues that can arise from an office environment and can be prevented.


Start Small

There are cost effective ways to start a wellness program that won't break the budget. Once you notice that it is becoming popular, it's a good sign to invest more money. Make note of what your employees utilize. It can be a small implementation like adding more plants or providing healthier snack options. Or, you can take a slightly bigger step by introducing an on-site wellness service (chair massage, group yoga, and/or chair yoga) or a wellness workshop.


Engage and Educate

Educate your employees about how the program will benefit them. Send out an email to your staff about the corporate wellness program. Express that their wellness is a concern and why it should be utilized.  Find a way for them to participate and get the word out.


For example, LoDo Chair Massage makes it easier than ever to get employees participating and takes the stress away from scheduling your team. Especially for large companies, coordinating chair massage sign-ups manually can take a huge amount of time and energy. All the employees will have to do is pick a massage time, and you can then easily view or print the schedule on the day of the event.

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