Importance of Positivity and Peace

International Day of Peace

By Hanna Kim - September 10, 2018

The United Nations declared September 21st as the International Day of Peace to promote positive actions and non-violence around the world. Peace Day has made meaningful impact on reducing violence around the world. Millions are doing their part to behave more peacefully- not just for the day, but also by finding long-term peacebuilding solutions.

Although we live in a country that is relatively stable, we can still think about how we can live more peacefully with those we encounter each day in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and society at large.

Begin With A Peaceful Mind

Greater peace in your community starts within your own mind. Sometimes we don’t realize how exactly we are feeling if we are busy with deadlines at work, chores piling up at home, and events with family and friends.

Instead of just going through the motions each day, try taking a small pause every now and then to see how you are feeling. Check what’s on your mind - are you thinking about the next ten things you need to get done before the day is over, or focused on the task at hand? Next, notice your breath and see if it is sharp and ragged, or deep and smooth. If you are leaning more towards the former, you may find it helpful to try breathwork meditation to relieve stress and feel more at peace.

When you feel more at peace yourself, it is easier for you to act with peace and kindness towards others around you.

Get to Know Your Neighbor

It can be easy to see someone everyday for years and know little about them other than perhaps their name. Get to know those around you, both the neighbors living next door as well as the co-worker sitting across from you at the office. Taking the time to learn about your neighbors as individuals builds a sense of camaraderie and helps create a friendlier atmosphere.

Some ideas to build a more peaceful and welcoming environment around you are:
  • Offer assistance - instead of expecting kindness from others, invite kindness in through your actions. When you see your co-worker looks tired, offer to bring them some tea or coffee. If you notice your neighbor has a lot of groceries to lug in, ask if they would like some help.
  • Have lunch together - breaking bread is one of the oldest practices people have been using to bond and develop friendships.
  • Plan a meditation routine - chances are, your neighbor feels stress from time to time, just as you do. Invite them to try a short breathwork exercise with you.

We can build a more peaceful environment by simply getting to know those around us and showing we care with small acts of kindness.

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