LoDo Chair Massage Makes Corporate Wellness Affordable For Your Small Business

By Hanna Kim- October 8, 2018

The idea that massage is a luxury seems to be an outdated one these days. More and more people are looking to holistic remedies like massage therapy as a more natural way to manage pain and stress. The American Massage Therapy Association found in their 2017 consumer survey that 72% of participants who received massage therapy in the past year did so for medical (43%) or stress-related (29%) reasons. While financing full massage sessions for employees may not be feasible, LoDo Chair Massage makes on-site chair massage affordable.

Benefits Of On-Site Chair Massage With LoDo Chair Massage

Responsive and Responsible Team

As a small business ourselves, we know that you are busy, so we strive to make booking on-site chair massage as smooth as possible for our clients. Thanks to our vast network of massage therapists, we are able to accommodate you chair massage event. Massage therapists in each city receive rave reviews for being courteous, on-time, and skilled bodyworkers who know how to relieve pain in overused areas of the body like the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Schedule with Ease

It is pretty infrequent that you hear of someone turning down a massage, especially one provided for by their employer. Our online scheduling system is easy to use and ensures that everyone can sign up for their desired time. It also eliminates waiting in line and missed appointments. Our team can access the calendar and choose a time slot that works for them.

Flat-Rate Pricing

LoDo Chair Massage offers workplace chair massage at a flat fee, w
hich also includes gratuity. Because we have a small staff and streamlined operations, we can pass on the savings to our clients. Our rates are often up to 20% lower than that of our competitors. With discounted pricing on chair massage packages, your company can save even more on corporate wellness.

We only require a 2-hour minimum booking per event so employees of smaller and newer businesses can still benefit from chair massage. Two hours of chair massage

Chair massage is an excellent way to show your employees you value them and their hard work. Join the trend of businesses integrating wellness into their corporate culture for a happier and healthier workplace.


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