Chair Yoga is the Yoga for EVERY body

No mat required!

By Jessica Lollino - December 4, 2019

Chair Yoga is the Yoga for EVERY body

When you hear the word 'yoga,' does your mind fill with images of long, slender, young bodies ensconced in tightfitting Lululemon gear, contorted into a variety of positions that would make a warm pretzel jealous? You wouldn't be the only one. Minds often go from that image to one very dangerous thought: "I can't possibly do that. I don't have a yoga body."

Pardon me, dear person, that is where you are wrong.

Yoga is a practice that adapts and amends to each individual yogi. The practice itself is about being in the body, finding the dis-ease, and moving it out of the body through postures and breath. It's more a mental process than a physical one, but it is still a very physical practice. But don't let that intimidate you. There is a yoga for every body. One specific type of yoga that unites all students is Chair Yoga. 

What is Chair Yoga and What are the Benefits? 

Chair Yoga is s a type of yoga that incorporates sitting and standing postures using a chair for support. This type of yoga is amazing for everybody. It meets students where they are and provides gentle movement to increase mobility and release tension. There are no age, weight, economic, gender, or health requirements; it is truly a yoga for EVERY body. It truly shatters the idea that yoga is only for one or two types of people. 

There are many benefits from a regular Chair Yoga practice. These benefits are not only felt as you practice but build over time to create greater peace and wellness in the body. Here are just a few of our favorites reasons to do Chair Yoga: 

Improves strength, flexibility, and coordination
Reduces stress and improves focus and mental clarity
Supports healthy bones and joints
Reduces anxiety
Encourages and supports a Mind-Body connection 

Ready to start? Great! 

What to Expect from Chair Yoga

Let’s walk through a typical Chair Yoga class from LoDo. The class is 45 minutes in length and is practiced where you spend your workday. You’ll just go to a conference room or other open space to practice or just at your desk! You don’t need to change into some spandex contraption or worry about missing class or running late back from class because you’re already there! 

From there, participants will sit or stand at their desk, using their chairs for support. The teacher will then guide students through poses and postures that target the areas of the body that are most impacted by sitting at a desk all day. In addition to body movement, there will also be a focus on breathing while moving. Not only is this immediately beneficial, but it also shows compound benefit over time since students can practice this form of yoga at any time from their desks. They have the knowledge and the tools to have a mini yoga break anytime they need one.

Are you interested in providing your employees with a wellness benefit that’s beneficial for every employee? Contact us at 888.673.2535 or to learn more about bringing Chair Yoga to your team. 

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