No Apps, Just Personal Service

By Amanda Jacoby - January 4, 2021

There seems to be an app for everything these days. You can book a table for dinner, buy tickets to a show, and even send money to friends at the touch of a button. These apps can speed up the process of tasks, make things easier and more seemingly convenient. What happens when you run into an issue or have a question? Getting an actual person on the phone can feel impossible when dealing with app-based services. These apps are not designed for prompt resolutions, and you’re often left to fend for yourself.

In recent years, massage therapy has entered the realm of industries that use an app to book your service. That may be great for just booking a session at your favorite spa or studio, but not so much when thinking about a company-wide event. This false sense of convenience comes with real consequences. With app-based services, you lose the personal touch in the booking process and any sense of accountability from the company you are dealing with. Booking a hotel room online is easy enough, but organizing an event requires attention to detail and a client-tailored approach.

Here at LoDo Chair Massage, we understand the importance of making sure things go smoothly, especially while planning an event. We value your time and money. That is why every event that comes through LoDo Chair Massage is handled by our team, giving it a personal touch. All bookings go through the same process to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

When booking your event with LoDo Chair Massage, the process will be simple and clear.
  • First, we gather information about the event via telephone, email, or an online submission form.
  • Next, a customized estimate is sent via email.
  • From there, we will directly work with you regarding your schedule and needs. We always work around YOU, not us.
  • At this point, we will confirm the booking and email you an invoice with information on what to expect next.
  • We prepare the event on our end by adding it to our scheduling system and staffing it accordingly.
  • We offer a customized online schedule to help you keep your staff organized and the event on track.
  • About a week before your event, you will receive an email confirmation with the date, times, address, and who to expect. This ensures we have all the information needed is correct and allows for any last-minute changes to be made. At this time, we also gather any additional information we may need, such as parking and any pertinent arrival instructions.

These thorough steps are followed every single time to prevent any miscommunications or missed information. If you find yourself needing assistance or to ask a question, someone is available by email or phone. We are a company that cares about people and personal service which means LoDo Chair Massage will never have an app. That means questions and concerns can be addressed immediately, by a live person, keeping your event running smoothly.

Our corporate team works closely with one another to ensure that all events have been double, and triple checked. Additionally, we have thoroughly vetted and established relationships with all of our massage therapists and yoga teachers. A common complication with large companies is that the employees don’t necessarily know one another. Think about the last time you called your cable company to ask a question. After ten minutes of speaking with one representative, the call dropped, and the next representative had no idea who the previous person was and had no record of your conversation with them. This cycle can be time-consuming and frustrating. This scenario can prove to be even more alarming if these employees are also unfamiliar with the massage therapist that is being sent to your event.  An absence of personal connection can cause a major lack of accountability.

While having a readily available app for our services is certainly more convenient, building a relationship with our clients is what matters most to us. This connection is the foundation for a long-lasting working relationship. The individualized approach is what distinguishes our business relationships from transactional to meaningful.

Authentic human connection is important, now more than ever. We recognize the significance of communicating with a live person when nailing down the details of your special event. At LoDo Chair Massage, we take pride in our 12 years of offering a personal touch in the world of corporate wellness.  Our staff is ready and waiting for you to book your next event!
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