Hotel, Resort and Event Yoga Classes

On-Location Yoga for Corporate Events & More

Chair Yoga Classes for Meetings and Events 
Chair Yoga is a great way to reset without having to leave your seat. Just a quick 30-minute session focused on movement and flexibility is enough revitalize meeting and event participants. All levels of fitness can benefit from chair yoga including those with disabilities or mobility issues. Show you guests that you care by offering chair yoga during events. 
Yoga Class for Groups and Conferences
The physical and mental benefits of yoga are countless and undoubtedly include a boost in confidence and happiness. Happy people are the deciding factor between good events great ones. Make conferences and gatherings both memorable and productive by offering on-site yoga classes. Classes are facilitated by elite corporate yoga instructors and can be customized to meet the needs of the group, providing an optimal feeling of health and well-being. 
Yoga Class for Guests
Do you want a way to make a meaningful impact on your hotel’s business to business relations? Offering yoga classes to your business clients is a great way to make an impression. Classes are available upon request.